Wedding Expressions by Geri - Where exceptional customer service never cost extra!
What you can expect from us
during your visit
Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life!
A girl dreams about every detail of her wedding.
At Wedding Expressions by Geri, our goal is to help you have the
wedding of your dreams without all the stress and tears that can
sometime overshadow the fun and smiles.
We will listen to you and help you to find that perfect gown. 
Our consultants do not work for commissions and
so they do not try to steer you into buying a
gown that is out of your budget.  We want you to have the
 perfect gown, not the most expensive one!
We will not rush you through your appointment, but for scheduling
purposes, we allow about 90 minutes. 
We do not limit the number of guests that you can bring.
However, when selecting the guests you want to accompany you on
your visit, remember that for each person you bring,
you are bringing another opinion.  Guests can get
caught up in the moment and think more about what
they would choose instead of what is more suitable for you.
 It is easy to become very overwhelmed by all the dresses your guests
want you to try on that are not your style or in your price range.
To avoid this, some brides bring a small group of people, whose opinion
she values, for the initial selecting process. 
She then returns with her bridal party and shows them the
gown she chose and they
begin the process of finding the perfect bridesmaids' gowns.
Whatever your needs are, we will listen and do everything we can to
meet those needs.  We want your experience to be the most
memorable day because it was positive and fun--not because it was the
worst day of your life!
Call today for your appointment. 
Let's begin this
extraordinary journey together!
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